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Ayurvedic Red Oil

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Best product to Varicose Veins

Heal Varicose Veins, Get Rid of Varicose Vein Pain, Healing Red Oil Passed Down Through Generations

This is a red oil exclusively manufactured for varicose veins.

Capacity : 100ml (-+)

Ingrediants : Gmelina Arborea Moldenke, Sida Rhombifolia, Nardostachys Jatamansi, Hibicus Rosa Sinensis, Tinospora Cordifolia

Restore Normal Blood Flow:-

Red Oil Is An Organic Oil That Is Specially Formulated to help cure spider & varicose veins. It is Formulated to reduce the appearance of veins as it unblocks the swelling & clogged veins.

It is super safe to skin and non-toxic.it brings back the smoothness of the skin effortlessly & instantly.

Maf.Reg.Number :- 70430

Ay.Ma.No. 6/2/1/04/15

Maf.by G.H.P . (pvt) Ltd

How To Use:

-Gently clean the area where the vein is tied (avoid scrubbing).

– Soak in hot water or heat a pepper leaf and soak.

– Take a little oil (about a tablespoon) from the point where the veins of the leg are tied and remove it gently.

– Keep the foot on the ground while escaping

– Remove twice in the morning and evening until the condition is cured

– If it is heated very slightly and removed, it contributes more results

– If there is no difference after using it for about a month, see a doctor immediately.

Red Oil for better result use 7 days

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