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Catarrh Relief Pack

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Best product to Catarrh

Pinus Oil + Pinus Bhanga Churna Drink Pinus Oil only in the morning for 7 days in a row and drink traditional Churna with honey in the morning and evening and put an end to Pinus forever.

*Runny nose

*Excessive sneezing

*Nasal obstruction

*Head injury

*Premature baldness

*Itchy eyes, itchy palate

*Cures such diseases.

Capacity : 100ml (-+)

Ingrediants : True Cinnamon Tree, Alpinia Galanga , Long Pepper, Coriandrum Sativum, Black Pepper, Allium Cepa, Centella Asiatica


Using a powerful age old ayurvedic formula that has for centuries brought relief for the 18 diseases and sickness related to catarrh, Including headaches, dizziness, heaviness of the head, sore, tearing and itchy eyes, declining vision, onset of cataract, falling and greying hair, sneezing, bad breath, colds, phlegm, receding, dissolving and bleeding gums and ear infections.

Maf.Reg.Number :- 70430

Ay.Ma.No. 6/2/1/04/15

Maf.by G.H.P . (pvt) Ltd

How To Use:

Use Peenas Oil

Pinus oil is used only in the morning. Apply a tablespoon for adults and a teaspoon for children and massage for 15 minutes until the scalp starts to sweat.

Do not use in the eveningUse a teaspoonful before breakfast before 7am and between 5.30pm and 6pm with original honey along with ho abul oranges.

Use Peenas Powder

Take Before Breakfast (on a empty stomach) And 2 Hours Before Dinner.

*For Adults, mix with a tablespoon of honey.

*For Above 12 Years children, one teaspoon with honey (use only natural honey) mix well and eat.

*Only For Those above 12 years.

*Pregnant and leactating mothers should use as advised by your family Ayurvedic Doctor.

*Use For Treatment of chronic diseases or chronic allments as advised by your family Ayurvedic Doctor.

Catarrh Relief Pack for better result use 7 days.

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