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Best product to Memory & Focus

If there is excessive stress, if children’s memory is low, if you are an adult who forgets things quickly, use this mind boosting oil.

Capacity : 100ml (-+)

Ingrediants : Curry Leaves, Pure Cow Ghee, Nelli, Vetiver, Drumstick, Gotu Kola and Other Natural Ingridients

Top Benefits Of Brain+

* Mental Energy & Alertness

* Focus & Clarity Of Mind

* Memory & Mental Accuracy

* Positive Mood

* Keep The Brain Active & Healthy

Maf.Reg.Number :- 70430

Ay.Ma.No. 6/2/1/04/15

Maf.by G.H.P . (pvt) Ltd

How To Use:

Can Be Used For Above 5 Years Children And Adults.

1. Each Day, in the morning, while in a relaxed state of mind, apply about one teaspoon to the scalp and gently message it for 2 minutes.

2. Squeeze well once more as before after 2 minutes.

3. if used after learning activities, spend 5 minutes relaxing and trying to clear your head before using as directed above

4. if you’re depressed, use as directed above in the morning and before bed.

First Class Oil for better result use 7 days

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