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Gammalu Mug

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Best product to Diabetics

Gammalu Mug has been scientifically confirmed since ancient times as a proven medicine for diseases such as diabetes.

Gummalu properties also contribute to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arses, amlapitta and in addition to white hair, skin diseases, fever and toothache.

Weight: 180 g (-+)


Height – 10 cm

Width – 5 cm


150 ml


* 100% has been confirmed to have antidiabetic properties by the Biochemistry Unit of Peradenya University Faculty of Medicine.

* Ayurveda Department Diyathalawa Ayurveda Senior Botanist Prof. Piyal Marasinghe has been certified.

* Research reports have been obtained by National Institute of Technical Research (ITI).

* Has undergone clinical trial at Sri Sugatha Ayurveda Hospital and has received reports of reduction in diabetes

How To Use:

Put clean water in this village water 🍷 for 10 hours and drink it empty stomach.

Gammalu Mug for better result use 7 days.

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